Golden Archival Spray Varnishes

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GOLDEN VARNISHES protect artwork with a non-tacky surface that resists retention of dirt and dust and contain Ultra Violet Light Stabilizers [UVLS] to provide protection from exposure to sunlight. All of our varnishes can be removed and re-applied to facilitate cleaning by conservators.

ARCHIVAL VARNISH is a removable mineral spirit acrylic aerosol varnish with UV protection for use with acrylics, oils, watercolors, inkjet prints and drawing media. Suitable for interior and exterior applications.

  • Gloss: Dries to a glossy finish that may saturate color.
  • Satin: Dries to a satin finish that may lighten color.
  • Matte: Dries to a matte finish that may lighten color
  • Semi-Gloss: Dries to a semi-gloss finish that may saturate color.