Griffy's Art Club

We are a family-owned art supply store based in Indiana. Like many art supply stores, our creative journey began with the art classes we took in school. We are currently working on some new initiatives that we believe will provide even more support to art teachers. While we work towards those new initiatives it’s important for us to continue to learn and connect with folks like you.

We are currently working on Griffy's Art Club and want to pilot it with you! This program may include exclusive shopping experiences for teachers with significant discounts on art supplies, the opportunity to earn points from family purchases, curriculum templates, and customized class kits.

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Griffy’s Art Club Overview

  1. Teachers are eligible for exclusive discounts on supplies, with over 100,000 supplies to choose from. When you join the Art Club you’ll receive up to a 50% discount.
  2. Flyers, promotional material, and communication templates are all provided for you to send home with students and families.
  3. By purchasing art supplies that their kids will love, families can help teachers stock their classrooms. When families make purchases, you’ll earn points that can be used to buy classroom supplies.
  4. 100% online ordering. Families purchase supplies directly from our website. All you have to do is promote and collect points.