Polychromos Color Pencil Sets

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* Polychromos, introduced in 1908 - derived from Ancient Greek words "poly" and "chroma" meaning "many colors" is a protected trade mark of Faber-Castell.
* The Polychromos Artists' Color Pencils are comprised of vegetable oil, wax and the highest quality pigments with superior lightfast characteristics and brilliance. There are minimal amounts of wax used so that there is no waxy bloom produced.
* The pencils are acid-free, water-resistant and smudge-proof. There are no harmful pigments used. All products are certified non-toxic by a board certified toxicologist.
* The pencils are round in shape, contain thick 3.8mm leads and are housed in premium cedar wood. Marks can be 90% removed with a soft eraser. 102 of 120 colors contain *** lightfast rating (100+ years).
* With the introduction of a patent-protected manufacturing process in the 1960s, Faber-Castell succeeded in bonding the lead securely with its wooden case over the entire length. This procedure is known as secural bonding ("SV" for the German "Securalverfahren" (secural bonding). It makes the lead much less susceptible to breakages and also improves the sharpening ability considerably.