Pen 68 MAX Wallet Sets

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The STABILO Pen 68 MAX comes in 24 bright and luminous premium colors. The chisel tip allows for both 5mm and 1mm wide strokes, enabling you to color in large areas and create precise contours. The premium felt-tip pen offers many different creative techniques: the bold strokes and finer lines from the chisel tip are perfect for sketching, coloring and lettering while the water-based ink is ideal for amazing aquarelle-effects. Thanks to its dry-out protection, the STABILO Pen 68 MAX can be used even after longer periods with the cap off. These sets include a variety of vibrant colors in convenient wallets.

The 12-Pen Set includes Lilac, Rose, Carmine, Orange, Light Green, Green, Azure, Ultramarine, Apricot, Brown and Black
The 24-Pen Set includes Ice Green, Heliotrope, Purple, Pale Vermillion, Lemon Yellow, Apricot, Ultramarine, Light Green, Green,Leaf Green, Yellow, Brown, Black, Carmine, Turquoise Blue, Turquoise Green, Orange, Earth Green, Rose, Azure, Lilac, Sienna, Dark Ochre and Medium Cold Grey