Montana Cans Cap Sets

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The Tryout Cap Set features ten different caps that offer varying spray output from skinny to fat, square to round. The set includes one each of Calligraphy Cap, Fat Cap White/Pink, Fat Cap White/Orange, Skinny Cap White/Beige, Skinny Cap Black/Black, and Skinny Ma'Claim Cap.


Spray Widths Set includes one cap each of Level 1 through Level 6 Caps. These leveled spray caps feature an easy-to-understand identification system based on both shape and color, and result in a varying spray output ranging from very skinny to super fat lines.


The Flat Jet DIY Set features six caps, featuring three Flat Jet Medium spray caps and three Flat Jet Wide spray caps and is not only ideal for covering surface area efficiently, it is also perfect for those projects where a seamless finish matters.