Derwent Academy Watercolor 12-Color Pencil Set

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These versatile pencils can be used as an ordinary colored pencil, or just brush on a little water to create a fluid watercolor painting. The colors blend and dissolve easily to create a wide spectrum of watercolor shades. The 12-Color Tin Set and the 12-Color Pod Set include cadmium yellow, orange, red, purple, ultramarine, light blue, dark green, light green, yellow ochre, terra-cotta, burnt umber and black. The 24-Color Tin Set includes all the colors in the 12-Color Tin Set plus acid yellow, rose, deep red, bright pink, dark blue, blue, sea green, olive green, lime green, brown, gray and white. The 36-Color Tin Set includes all the colors in the 24-Color Tin Set plus cream, yellow, Naples yellow, deep orange, carmine red, violet, kingfisher blue, jade green, raw umber, sand, blue gray and French gray.