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A Membership for Artists

Why we're doing this

Artists are always looking for ways to save money on art supplies and materials. We get it, it’s the foundation of your art practice and helps you make more money when you sell your piece or experiment in new mediums and forms. As an art supply store we’re caught in a tricky place with this. We want to offer the lowest prices, but sometimes that is to the detriment of our own business and bottom line. Not to mention as a small business we’re David constantly competing with the Big Box brick and mortar and online Goliaths.

So we thought why not just change the model and build a community where we all win. After all if your playing a game and don’t like the rules, maybe it’s time to change the damn game we’re playing. So we’re trying something new. We’re starting a membership where you always get the best prices we can offer. Most of the time this means selling supplies at the lowest the manufacturers will let us. Hopefully this means even with the membership fee you won’t find a cheaper price anyone. And look if Mr. Bezos wants to offer cheaper Gamblin Oil Paint, by all means you should buy it from him we would do the exact same. But our promise is that to the best of our ability we won’t let that happen.

We want this membership to be so valuable it doesn’t make sense not to join. Think of it like a Costco membership for artists, just no hotdogs (yet).

I hope you'll join our community!



AJ O'Reilly

Join the Community

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Griffy's Art Supply is a family-run small business

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